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WE are in the Middle East, Central Asia, Nigeria, U.S.A., Brazil, Russia… just about everywhere, and wherever you go, you will find the Winner…

Greetings from WORLD.EQUIPMENT

WE thank you and appreciate your recognition of WORLD.EQUIPMENT as the new leader in the heavy equipment industry. WE are the trailblazer and rising superuber* WORLD.EQUIPMENT by leveraging on innovation and technology to become the prominent topnotch manufacturer and supplier of heavy equipment and construction machinery.

Look no further. WORLD EQUIPMENT gives you top value for your money: the best quality heavy equipment at the most competitive pricing and a service par excellence that only the most dedicated team in the world can provide.

World Equipment offers a comprehensive range of products and services, including the following categories of heavy equipment and construction machinery: Earthmoving, Crane, Truck, Piling, Roller & Roadworks, Material Handling, Industrial, Farm & Agricultural and Marine and Maritime. Earthmoving equipment & machinery include: excavator (digger), wheel loader, crawler bulldozer, road roller, motor grader, skid steer loader as well as related spare parts.

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WE warmly welcome you to WORLD.EQUIPMENT. The best thing that can happen to any business is when you come to the right place at the right time meeting the right people. This is the serendipity for your investment in your time, money and business, a synchronicity of propitious events that will bring you great fortune!

At WORLD.EQUIPMENT, our commitment to the quality of our products W.EQUIPMENT Guaranteeand services is second to none, and we desire to not just meet but far surpass all expectations. Under our unique quality assurance program, our equipment and machinery have become the shiny example for the world. All our products are covered under our Worldwide Warranty, and we endeavor to provide you with the highest level of service that other people can only envy. » Read more

All Inquiries are Welcome! Feel free to ask us anything.

Winning all the way…


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