Our Story

WORLD.EQUIPMENT has come a long way within not too long a span of time to become the new rising superuber*WORLD.EQUIPMENT!

WE are the new kind of equipment company, modern, sophisticated yet rough, heavy and earthy, intelligent but practical, kind and kinder, better but always aiming to be the bestest. WE also endeavor to be more open source and many of our components and parts are sourced globally.

From a humble startup beginning, WE have now become a powerful force to be reckoned with in the global equipment industry. Our customer base is growing at a trailblazing speed.

WORLD.EQUIPMENT now manufacture with the most advanced technology using the latest State of the Art facilities to produce the highest quality and performance equipment and machinery for you.

And yet our winning formula comes from YOU! You are the source of our strength. You have given us great support and WE will endeavor to strive to be even better because of YOU.

WE are indeed Made in the World for the World. Our equipment and machinery are made with a multitude of top quality parts and components like engines, motors and pumps made by internationally renowned companies.

Let’s create your company’s growth strategy together!

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to make your business grow.



VP, Sales



HR Manager






App Developer


Our mission is simple. WE want to serve the equipment business community who in turn serve their communities at large. Put it even more simply: WE want to change the WORLD with YOU!


To be the Best Equipment Company in the world, rising to pre eminence in world equipment & engineering.

WE want to Become The Winner with YOU! WE endeavor to create the international brand that embodies quality, the best pricing and customer service and technical support par excellence.

WE will forge ahead with YOU, and be the leader through creativity, innovation and excellence in whatever we do. Your success is our success. We will grow together as your trusted partner!


There is an ancient Chinese saying that goes: “If you want to be rich, you must first build roads.”

WE are not just a bunch of high tech software engineers, whom we indeed are, but we are also all born in the heavy equipment and engineering business. Some members of our team have also inherited their passion in this business from their families. Therefore, while WE build our company, we will build the WORLD with YOU! Our motto is and always will be Winning All The Way with YOU!

There are many countries in the world which still lack the infrastructure for them to grow and develop. Even the so-called developed countries now have creaking infrastructure that hampers their further development and rejuvenation, and they are badly in need of repair or upgrading. WE are at the very forefront of this infrastructural development, be it the building of roads, bridges, power plants, etc., and we have the responsibility of making it right! Boy, what a way to really change the world!

It is our way of contributing to the community at large, giving to society while WE grow. There is no better corporate social responsibility than this, because you are our partner, and we are part of the community!

WORLD.EQUIPMENT is trusted by clients and companies all over the world


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