Inspection & Certification

As a complete one stop shop for all heavy equipment, machinery and plants, including hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and mechanical parts and services, we also offer certification programs as part of our Total Project Service under our QUALITIES program.


In order to raise the standards all round, we issue certifications based on stringent standards and controls.

  • Clients operators and technicians are certified through its programs at the training academy.
  • We also offer third party inspection, and issues certification by its qualified and licenced inspectors. Such inspection and certification are carried out to all kinds of equipment.
  • Such certification enables us and/or our clients to carry out repairs and maintenance, refurbishment, and new sales for all types of equipment and machinery systems.
  • All tests are professionally carried out and tested on highly sophisticated machines where required.
  • A full systematic and professional report is produced for any equipment tested and inspected.
  • We certify qualified instructors through the Train-the-trainer program.
  • Our certification for auxiliary products and services follows and complies with strict international standards and controls.


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