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Management and Workforce

Our management and staff work closely together, with constant dialogue and treating each other as members of the same family. The hierarchy structure of our organizational structure is relatively flat. Leadership is by example, and everyone (not least the management) has to be competent and work hard in his own area of specialization. We pride ourselves as having a more or less self-regulatory environment. All personnel are treated fairly and rewarded or reproved accordingly.


For outstanding personnel, the sky is never the limit. Our employees are passionate about what they do and share a strong work ethic and sense of teamwork. The breadth of career experiences within the company affords numerous development opportunities. Locations spanning the globe, varied product lines and career paths provide for a remarkable array of career development opportunities.

The company encourages initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship. We train our personnel for development and growth to excel to far greater heights. Training, Retraining and Upgrading of skills have always been part of our unique agenda.

Prospective employees can be assured of the following:

  • challenging and satisfying assignments,
  • exhilaration and diversity, the opportunity to learn and increase deeply levels of experience individual growth and professional maturity

Our employee empowerment program is a key to our success. We are a company of diverse and dynamic action, seeking pioneering, customer-focused solutions by the most competent means.

Our two-way management policy, stable improvement program and in-house mobility policy will offer you the opportunity to develop your global career. We are proud to offer a variety of diverse and challenging career opportunities with excellent compensation and benefits, including healthcare and profit sharing.


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