Maintenance & Support


Productivity Support

To surpass your expectations and ensure that your daily productivity goals are met, our team of board certified technical staff makes regular trips to contact manufacturers to uncover the latest in technological developments and innovation. With the knowledge and expertise acquired, they are able to assist and facilitate our agents. This includes educating and training our agents to provide better services to the end user. This helps maximize our customer’s ROI (return on investment).

Technical Support

Our highly competent marketing agents are armed with immense knowledge and years of experience under their belts in dealing with both used and new construction equipment. Equipped with good workshop facilities to stock replacement parts so as to provide excellent after sales service, World Equipment provides technical support to our agents by dispatching marketing and technical staff to any part of the world on a regular basis to take care of the after-sales service. We have a team of Well-trained and experienced staff comprising of mechanical, electrical and software engineers. Our dedicated employees are always ready to answer any queries or provide solutions for problems which may arise in the field.

Field Supervision/Consultation

As supervisors or consultants, our on-site experts see through all projects. They help to fine-tune equipment systems and provide technical advice to maximize our equipment performance. Our emphasis on the aspect of field supervision has over the years been combined with a second emphasis on administration and consultation that includes efforts to control and coordinate our team of highly skilled technicians and engineers to get the job done.


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