Spare Part Service


Uptime Solutions 

World Equipment is committed to offering support designed to keep your project running smoothly and on schedule: To expedite delivery time for our customers, booking of vessels are made way in advance; together with the production department to optimise all resources with the extra hours involved in order to complete the production so as to be ahead of schedule. At World Equipment, WE assist our customers in making prudent and wise purchase decisions. It is our gratification just to know that our customers realize that their purchase is one that is of quality, reliability and durable albeit our competitive prices.

Field Service 

Customers purchase equipment require reliability, rapid servicing, availability of parts, and versatility for a variety of anticipated and unanticipated uses. World Equipment provides our customers with a single point of contact and accountability for product support from telephonic, email and Web-based inquiries to the dispatch of field engineers and technicians for on-site repairs. From basic support to comprehensive, advanced on-site service, our dedicated and highly skilled team of experienced technicians are readily available all around the world to prepare, set up, service and maintain your equipment during each project phase to ensure the smooth progression of the job.

Spare Parts Inventory

At world Equipment, WE maintain an extensive spare parts inventory for all our equipment. From the smallest bearing to the most complex circuit board, World Equipment is committed to having all parts on hand to keep your project running. We are Well stocked with a full inventory list of spare parts, components and accessories to support our clientele with the products they purchase from us. This forms a one-stop-centre to serve our customers promptly and efficiently. This is done through a network of highly certified OEM manufacturers, and through an effective distribution of spare parts through our global network of vendors.


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