Total Service Approach

W.EQUIPMENTWe are proud to be able to produce premium quality products and provide the complete range of service and support to our clientele. We design and build some of the world’s best equipment, plants and machinery. Our parts and systems have been designed, tested and improved for over many years in every type of environment.

Achieving Productivity Goals

The first goal of every contractor is to achieve his established project goals in order to realize a successful project. We understand the complexities and difficulties of the various industries ranging from construction to forestry to mining, etc., including the coordination of equipment, personnel and supplies to meet project schedules. As equipment requirements form a major part of the contractors’s costs, expense and resources, we want it to be as productive as it can be . The contractor usually has many of its tasks and difficulties being further compounded by on-site problems. We therefore endeavor to bring a range of support

services, including parts and services, to enable the contractors to achieve their productivity goals by making sure that its machinery, equipment and plants are as reliable and worry-free as possible, and by providing the complete range of customer support and service, working with the customers towards these ends.

Contract Project and Equipment Supply as a Process


Getting high productivity levels in a project is not simply a matter of just getting good equipment. Years of manufacturing and field experience have taught us that equipment supply is a process from beginning to end. In order to meet expected productivity goals, the process must include not only State-of-the-Art equipment but special support at each stage in the process as well. We provide that unique level of support to you at every critical point in the project process. High quality equipment is an important priority obviously, but we also provide that special help and support through our unique approach to Contract Project, called World Equipment Total Project Support.


Total Service Approach

What our Total Service Approach really means is that we integrate quality equipment with tangible help from the start of your project to the finish. To begin, our engineering and support staff are available to help you with project planning, including equipment and material analysis and contract program development. When parameters and objectives are established, we help you select the right equipment or component to do the job. Then, we offer extensive programs for operating personnel and provide you with onsite technical supervision. Finally, we help you keep your equipment running smoothly with our service teams, parts inventory, supplies and backup fleet. All of this to assure your productivity goals are met. Let’s look at how Total Service Approach can benefit you.

Positive Results

Highly automated but user-friendly systems offer significant productivity advantages to the contractor. But realizing those positive results means a serious commitment from the manufacturer to support you and the equipment at every stage of the process. We make this commitment to every customer. It is our way of helping you get the positive results you need.

Planning Support

WORLD.EQUIPMENTSupport for the contractor begins at the first meeting with an initial discussion of his project. Our engineering and technical staff are ready to consider all aspects of the project with the contractor’s objectives in mind. The result is a thorough understanding of project parameters and goals which enables our staff to recommend specific procedures and the optimum equipment systems for their achievement. Planning support includes:

» Project procedure development. At our facilities, our engineers and sales managers are able to discuss and work out with the contractor to ensure that the contractor gets the required equipment organized and meet its range of goals including its optimum budget and delivery time.
» Equipment selection. We offer complete systems of quality, leading technology machinery, equipment and plants, that come with highly sophisticated systems, including high-technology developed computerized controlled systems. Based on the developed parameters, we advise the contractor on selecting the best possible package of equipment to achieve the desired productivity goals.
» Technical interface. Our technical staff is always available to help the contractor answer any questions the owning company may bring up.

Productivity Support

To assure that your daily productivity goals are met or exceeded, we offer various other types of support, including:

» Training. Most people can be trained as competent machine operators in a relatively short time, others may require more intensive training. We have developed classroom and audio visual programs to thoroughly explain operational procedures of each piece of mechanized equipment. These programs are most effective when supplemented with hands-on training. Instructors are available at our facility or in the field. AV resources, including online training programs are available in several languages.
» Technical support. We have a well trained and experienced team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers. Our people are always ready to answer questions or provide answers for any problems which may arise in the field.
» Field supervision/consultation. Acting as supervisors or consultants in the field, our experts are on-site from start to finish of the project. They help adjust equipment systems or provide technical advice for maximizing equipment performance.
» Quality consumables. We keep a large inventory of spare parts and other consumables to keep the job going. All parts are manufactured to the specific standards of our equipment.

Uptime Support


Finally, we offer support designed to keep your project running smoothly and on schedule:

» Field service. Our field service technicians are available around the world to prepare, set up, service and maintain the equipment during each project phase. These experienced technicians assure the job progresses as smoothly as possible
» Spare parts inventory. We also maintain an extensive spare parts inventory for all equipment we build. From the smallest bearing to the most complex circuit board, we are committed to having the parts on hand to keep the project running.
» Back-up fleet. Readily available fleet assures that, should a problem occur, other equipment is always available to keep your project running.

Support for the Future

» Research and development. We have an ongoing commitment to developing better equipment systems and methods for the future. Through our mechanical and electrical engineering departments, prototype equipment is designed, built and proven. M etallurgical labs help us perform complete materials inspections and analyses.
» Technical innovation. We continue to innovate for the future. Over the years, we have continued to make improvements to our products with computer controlled technology and other upgrades that result in more reliable equipment, better system quality and faster procedures.


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